Spiral Welded Steel Pipes


Spiral Welded Steel Pipes

Spiral seam (welded) pipes are manufactured by bending the steel sheet of relevant grade as provided under applicable standards into spiral form and joining the sheet sides first from the inside and then from the outside using the shielded welding method.
In addition to having a longer lifespan thanks to recently developed anti-corrosion methods and materials, steel pipes are used in a wide range of applications thanks to their outstanding features listed below.
Hatboru manufactures spiral welded steel pipes with an outside diameter between 219.1mm and 3048mm and wall thickness between 4mm and 40mm with welding ends, sockets, and flanges. Pipes whose wall thickness is greater than 25.4mm are manufactured from sheet metal.


• High strength,
• Resistance to pressure and impact,
• High bearing capacity,
• Durable and long-lasting,
• Flexible,
• Ductile,
• Easy Formation

Areas of Use

• Oil Pipelines,
• Gas Distribution Lines,
• Water Distribution Lines,
• Foundation Piles,
• Industrial Tubing,
• Steel Structures,
• Compressed Air Lines,
• Refineries,
• Transportation of Liquid Hydrocarbons,
• Transportation of high-temperature water,
• Storage applications for hydrocarbons,
• Hydroelectric plants and other energy projects.

Production Standards

Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines:
API 5L, TS 6047, DIN 17172, GOST 20295, EN 10208

Water Pipelines:
TS EN 10217-1, DIN 1626, AWWA C200, DIN 2460, BS 534, UNI 6363, EN 10224

Pile Pipes:
ASTM A 252, EN 10219, DIN 1615

Pipes Intended for General Use:
BS 3601, DIN 1626, ASTM A139, EN 10217-3, EN 10217-5, EN 10217-6

* Please contact our company for manufacturing outside our general manufacturing standards or for your custom requirements.