On November 24th, Hatboru Family celebrated Teachers’ Day with enthusiasm, spending the special day at Ballıöz Primary School. Coming together with the students and teachers, Hatboru Family created a day filled with smiles and plenty of joy.

The event at Ballıöz Primary School was not just about games and activities but also about adding a personal touch. Sharing smiles with the students and being part of their innocent happiness brought great joy to us. Our goal was not just a day of festivities but to create memories that would last a lifetime.

As Hatboru Family, we understand the value of spending such a special day like a family. Supporting each other, sharing love, and enjoying pleasant moments together reflect that Hatboru is not just a business but also a family.

This social responsibility project showcases Hatboru’s deep commitment not only in the business world but also to society and education. The Teachers’ Day event is a reflection of Hatboru Family’s efforts to build bridges among people and create beautiful memories together.

As Hatboru, we take pride in our ongoing efforts to contribute to the future generations. The special day spent with Ballıöz Primary School was not just an event for us but also a meaningful experience that reminded us of the value of coming together as a family.

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